General Psychology II

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Nuthmann, Prof. Dr. Antje

What is General Psychology II?

Like General Psychology I, General Psychology II is concerned with the universal properties of the human mind which are part of our biological design and are thus common to all human beings.

At the Institute of Psychology in Kiel, General Psychology II is concerned with Perception and Cognition, where cognition refers to mental activities of the human mind. Perception and Cognition are important subfields of Cognitive Psychology. Cognitive Science, on the other hand, combines theories and methods of cognitive psychology with ideas from cognitive neuroscience, computer science, linguistics and philosophy in an interdisciplinary manner.

As part of our psychology degrees, “General Psychology II” is taught as one of the basic-science subdisciplines, attempting to answer the following fundamental questions: What is perception? What are the neural mechanisms of perception? How do perception and cognition influence each other? What is the role of action-specific perception? Our advanced option courses (aka elective courses) are in our main research area of visual perception and cognition.

Additional information: In the German university system, what is known as Experimental Psychology in the UK and other countries is called General Psychology. Traditionally, there has been a distinction between “General Psychology I” (learning, motivation, emotion) and “General Psychology II” (perception and cognition) which is still widely used. Note that most German psychology departments use the reverse classification; that is, what is called “General Psychology II” at Kiel University is called “General Psychology I” there.