More about educational goals and job prospects

In the first semesters of the Bachelor, basic theoretical and methodological knowledge is taught. They contain substantial parts of method training and integrate interdisciplinary events that introduce into research, historical and professional aspects of psychology

In the main areas and specializations of the Bachelor, the acquired knowledge and skills are deepened and extended. Students should familiarize themselves with the application of this knowledge and skills in the most important fields of psychology. In addition, job-related activities are also included in this section of the study. Furthermore, the ability for psychological research should be developed and promoted. The bachelor thesis, which generally includes an empirical study, should demonstrate the mastery of the subject-specific methodology.

Practical psychological tasks often require interdisciplinary cooperation. Depending on the desired field of activity, students should therefore also acquire mathematical, scientific, medical or legal knowledge or acquire an orientation in philosophy, economics or social sciences. The "non-psychology elective subject" serves as inspiration for this. Among other things, psychologists are after their studies in the following major areas active

  • in education, e.g. as a school psychologist
  • in social work, e.g. in psychological counseling centers at municipalities or employment offices, at various social institutions, e.g. Youth and retirement homes
  • in health care, e.g. in diagnostics, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation
  • in forensic psychology, e.g. as a psychological expert in court, as a police psychologist or as a psychologist in prisons
  • in business psychology, e.g. as a work, organization or market psychologist
  • in the field of technology, e.g. as engineering psychology (e.g., human-machine system) or in ergonomics
  • in psychological research in various research departments


The job opportunities for psychologists are very good. Increasingly, new occupational fields open up for them. New professions with new job profiles are emerging in which psychological expertise is given a strong weight.