More about the subject Psychology

Psychology sees itself as a link between natural, human and social sciences. Adjacent subjects are, depending on the question and the selected perspective, e.g. Biology, Physiology, Anthropology, Sociology, Pedagogy, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Theories and methods of psychology are therefore influenced by other sciences, just as psychology influences them. Due to its large subject area and diverse references to neighboring disciplines, the subject is very broad, his university disciplines are sometimes strongly separated from each other.

The public perception of the subject area of ​​university psychology is often distorted and guided on the one hand by outdated contents of the subject, on the other hand by non-scientific representations of certain issues in popular media, despite the also used term of "psychology" and partially overlapping issues little with the scientific -university of the subject in common.

For an overview of the various departments of psychology at Kiel University with their respective research priorities see the work units section.